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MichMusic Personal Study is a mentorship program offering a holistic approach to learning that embraces all aspects of who you are – your strengths, your challenges, your blocks, your learning style, your passions and your dreams. See Menu of topics below.


Michele has worked with students over the internet from all over the US and Canada, plus Japan, Tasmania, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Austria, Reunion Island (Madagascar), Greece, Scotland, and more.


HOW IT WORKS  decoration_beige

Begin by taking the MichMusic Personal Study Questionnaire to share info about your musical background, learning style, areas of interest, and what you want to be when you grow up! (Includes pricing info.)
Together we’ll establish specific goals. The more defined your goals, the better the chance you’ll actually meet them!
For those of you meeting with Mich in person, you’ll get a MichMusic binder where you can keep all lesson notes, handouts and practice goals. Each week, Michele will give you specific homework assignments, written in your binder (or in an email if you’re a Skype student) to help you focus your practice time to work toward your goals.
You can email Michele in between sessions for questions or support on meeting your goals.
Los Angeles area sessions are held in a comfortable Glendale, California studio. If you live outside of L.A. you can either take SKYE sessions (see below) or come to Los Angeles and visit Michele for a day, a week, a month or more, in person! (See Artist Residency below.)
Michele loves teaching teachers. Increase your skills and understanding of jazz basics, improvisation, jazz piano, arranging, rehearsal techniques, and how to mentor your students in these areas.
Take sessions with a friend and save. (The 2nd person pays only 25% of the total hourly rate.) Many topics work well in teams of 2-3, or in small classes of 4-8 or more.  Contact Michele for more info on rates.
How to use Skype: Windows

How to use Skype: Mac

THE MENU  decoration_beige

  • Fearless Vocal Improvisation (Level I)
  • Fearless Vocal Improvisation (Level II)
  • Solo Singing I – The Essentials of Jazz Singing
  • Solo Singing II – Playground for Jazz Singers
  • Working with the Rhythm Section
  • Preparing for Your Gig, Concert or Tour
  • Performance Essentials
  • Recording Your Demo or CD
  • Jazz Piano Made Easy (Level I)
  • Jazz Piano Made Easy (Level II)
  • Jazz Piano – Playing With the Rhythm Section
  • Jazz Ropes – Things You Need to Know
  • Lead Sheet Writing 101
  • Creative Rhythm Section Arranging
  • Reharmonization Madness
  • Organizing Your Gig Book
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Sight Reading/Ear Training
  • Building a Music Career You Love
  • Vocal Group Arranging (Level I)
  • Vocal Group Arranging (Level II)
  • Starting a Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • Your Jazz Choir – Raising the Bar
  • Teaching Vocal Improvisation and Solo Singing
  • Coaching Your Student Rhythm Section
Coaching is available for established professional (local or visiting) and high school or college vocal groups. General feedback on all aspects of the music and performance, fine tuning, tips and so on.


  • 1 Hour $110
  • 3 Hours Prepaid $285
  • 5 Hours Prepaid $450
  • 1/2 Hour $60

*24-hours notice required to cancel or reschedule your lesson.


For 2 persons to take the lesson together:

  • 1 Hour $137.50
  • 3 Hours Prepaid $375
  • 1/2 Hour $75
For teams of 3 or more add 25% for each person.

*24-hours notice required to cancel or reschedule your lesson.

ARTIST RESIDENCY  decoration_beige

Mich_Music_ResidencyCome to Los Angeles for a day, a week a month or longer to study with Michele! This is a way to get to know Mich in a relaxed setting, have ample time for study and practice and enjoy Los Angeles at the same time.

We will establish specific goals and organize the number and length of sessions ahead of time.

  • In most cases, you will have free access to a place to practice (piano or singing), study, and/or work on an arrangement.
  • We can assist you with transportation info, local hotel or back house rental options, and info about things to do and music or other events in Los Angeles.
  • Don’t be surprised if Mich invites you out for a meal, or to go on a hike, or out to hear music!
  • A few of out-of-town vistors who’ve come to study with Michele in past years:
    • T. Krammer (Netherlands)
    • M. Makela (Finland)
    • K. Helppie (Western Oregon University, US)
    • S. Takeshita (Japan)
    • R. Chu (Taiwan)
    • V. Hamel (Quebec City, Canada)
    • M. Akasaki & K. Chinen (Coming June 2013; Japan)
    • Vocal Group: Vox P (Denmark)
    • Vocal Group: The Idea of North (2 members, Australia)


“I am so happy you are my teacher. You are amazing!”
Charmaine Clamor – Filipina Jazz and World Vocalist
“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my first lesson with you!! You are a wonderful teacher and I appreciate your patience and guidance so very much!”
Debby Lennon – Jazz Singer and Teacher
“I learned more in an hour than I thought possible.”
Julia Gorman - Student
“By the way, I think you are a wonderful teacher and musician! There aren’t too many around really, not with your skills.”
Ingrid James - Jazz Singer
“Hi Michele, I just wanted to thank you for being such an incredible teacher and mentor to me for the past three years and hopefully for many more to come…. Just wanted to thank you for teaching me pretty much everything I know thus far,…”
Jessica Freedman - Singer, Member of Sonos
“Growing up as a classical pianist, I wasn’t able to read a simple jazz lead sheet. With my hectic schedule, Michele has changed all of that in a matter of months. She is a fantastic teacher!”
Denise Donatelli - Grammy nominated Jazz Vocalist
“As an instructor, Michele is a very intelligent and experienced teacher, she knows what [the] student needs… I learned a lot from her and wish I [could] be her student again.”
Ray Chu - Artistic Director of Pop & Jazz Development of Taiwan Choral Music Center (TCMC)
“Finding a teacher as effective as Michele feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thank you Michele!”
Gina D'Onofrio - Adult Student
“As I said to your students, we were truly honored to have someone with us who is so vitally important to vocal jazz in the country. The weekend was a huge success.”
Craig Roselieb - Teacher
“These lessons have been the best thing to happen to me in I can’t remember when. I sang with more confidence on Sunday, scatted in several tunes…in front of a listening audience…SCARY…and really had a ball. Thanks for your patience and instruction.”
Wendy Jones - Singer and Teacher, North Carolina
“It was such a joy to have you in the house! Students reacted extremely positive; without exception: ‘sweet, fantastic, princess from heaven, patient, peaceful, tranquil, understanding, warm, skilled, crystal clear, personal, gentile…….. You’re such a professional and generous person!”
Anne Marie Maas - Vocal teacher, Utrecht Conservatory
“I just listened to the comments you gave us at Cuesta again, and I REALLY appreciate everything you had to say! You always give such wonderful, accurate, and helpful input. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “
Christine Guter - California State University Long Beach.
“I’m so glad I was able to get two lessons with you this week. You have no idea how much I appreciate your time and expertise and how much better I feel about my choices after I meet with you.”
Julie Lawson - Vocal Jazz Director, College of the Canyons
“Michele was an inspiration – so skilled, so kind, and she made scatting so much fun! “
Aviva Diamond - Singer, Painter
“I just wanted to tell you that you have been a major influence in my life as a jazz musician.”
Pat Lacey - Teacher
“I cannot say enough how impressed I was with the work you did with the students to make this such a great festival. In fact, I received much feedback from both choral and instrumental directors in which they expressed their complete satisfaction with the level of musicianship and entertainment offered by the ensemble.”
Cory Jones - Teacher and 2013 ILMEA State Vocal Jazz Chair
“…you really are such a great teacher. Not only are you ultimately knowledgeable, but you are so kind…you never make anyone feel like they’re wrong or stupid. To me that is so damn valuable.”
Cathy Segal-Garcia - Singer and Teacher, Los Angeles
“Thank you so much for visiting Metropolia and Pop & Jazz, our students enjoyed your teaching and gave very good feedback of your lecture! And thank you also for your contribution to the conference, it was inspiring!”
Susanna Mesiä - Helsinki, Finland
“Thank you so much for visiting Metropolia and Pop & Jazz, our students enjoyed your teaching and gave very good feedback of your lecture! And thank you also for your contribution to the conference, it was inspiring!”
Susanna Mesiä - Teacher, Finland