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* Get Your SCAT Together! *

NEW iPhone/iPad app for scatting practice by MichMusic
(Free version available from MichMusic in the iTunes App Store)



Product Description

It’s easy: Sing exercises, call & response and etudes with great jazz singers including
Darmon Meader, Rosana Eckert, Greg Jasperse, Kate Reid, Justin Binek, Michele Weir, John Proulx,
and more to come soon. Then practice your own with the backing tracks,
and when ready, record yourself and listen back!


  • Vocal demos by professional jazz singers.
  • User-friendly. No knowledge of jazz theory (chords, scales, progressions) required.
  • Ability to record yourself singing with the backing track, hear it, and export your recording.
  • Three different product types: Exercises, Etudes and Call and Response.
  • Backing tracks available in a wide variety of styles, instrumentation and difficulty levels.
  • Loop function to repeat of any section of a track for targeted practice.
  • Mid-point locate function to optionally begin practice at the 2nd half of the track.
  • Countoff on/off button to bypass countoff when desired.
  • The mixer allows for adjusting the volume levels or muting any given fader: backing, vocal, or synth.
  • The chord progression is displayed during the playing of any track, allowing you to visually track the progression in real time.
  • In-app glossary.
  • A synth track (vibes sound) that duplicates the vocal can be used as an optional alternative to the vocal, allowing for greater flexibility in development of personal style and syllable use.


ScatAbility Singers

Justin BinekjustinBinek_thumblisten Listen
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Rosana EckertrosanaEckert2listen Listen
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Greg JaspersegregJasperse2listen Listen
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Darmon MeaderdarmonMeader2listen Listen
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Kate ReidkateReid2listen Listen
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Michele WeirmicheleWeir2listen Listen
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John Proulxlisten Listen
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ScatAbility Comprehensive How-To



“Michele this is sooo awesome. Can’t wait to use and share with my students. “
Sue Cruse - Teacher, Dallas
“All I can say is WOW. Such wonderful potential for teaching vocal jazz. Congratulations on a GREAT idea. I was really blown away at how well thought out this app is!”
Mike Plunkett - Teacher/Administrator, Oklahoma
“I’ve seen it in action, and Michele is such a smarty! This app is AMAZING.”
Cathy Segal-Garcia - Singer, Los Angeles
“I downloaded it. Awesome material. And it’s great that it can have future updates with new exercises and singers. Amazing stuff!!!”
Rafael Carneiro - Brazil
“This is awesome! Thanks for creating a unique global app for singers.”
Elisa Gomez Taylor - Vocalist, Los Angeles
“I was using this in my classroom today and I must admit this is the most excited I’ve ever seen my students get about scatting!”
Drew Lewis - Teacher, California‬
“I really love this app. It brings out a part of me that I am not able to access everyday. I love the focus and discipline it brings out in rhythm, words, and pitch.”
Vince Pirrone - Teacher, Michigan‬


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